Saturday, April 3, 2010

My flower girl came today...

She and her honey came to help Grandmother and me move a few things to Grandmother's new place...

Afterwards we went to Freddy's for some steak burgers, some Chicago-style hot dogs, some onion rings, and french fries, and custard sundaes for dessert.

You know. Comfort food. The artery-clogging kind.

It was near Freddy's that I took that first picture of Laura.
The second picture- with the yellow rose bush - was taken at Grandmother's house. Every day that bush gets prettier.
I can't wait to see it tomorrow!!

Oh, then Grandmother moves the next day - Monday!!!!

I'll stay with her two nights, to see if Sam and I might want to move in next door next year.
He he.

Tomorrow is EASTER!
I read where the celebration of Christ's resurrection is waning each year.
Well, not with the folks I know, thank you very much.

More on that later.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Happy Easter, Aunt Nancy! Thank goodness you get to celebrate with friends and family living nearby!!!! I want a custard sundae -- that sounds pretty, pretty good!

laura said...

Fun day! Glad we could hang out with you guys

Deanna said...

I am thinking you have been REALLY busy the last few days . . . Hope all if going well with the move! Thinking about you lots. Hmmm . . . never had a custard sundae. Sounds yummy.


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