Friday, April 30, 2010


I want to introduce you to one of the most interesting (and fun) people I know, our nephew Justin (Sam's sister's son).

He's traveled the world. And he video-documents it.
His most recent documentary was made for the International Medical Relief organization, as they went to Haiti to help there.
It's wonderful. It isn't too long (less than 20 minutes) and so worth the watch. I hope you take the time to view it. Click HERE to do so.
Here's Justin with his precious wife, Amber....

For this next picture I'll copy and paste what Amber wrote on Facebook....
Justin and I just bought our first home. We live where we're parked.
Yes, they live 'outside the box'.
How great is that?

Here are some more pictures of Justin...

And my favorite.....
(Thanks, Justin, for letting me 'borrow' all these pics from Facebook!)

(Blog reader, don't forget to watch that video. You won't regret it!)


Being Beth said...

It's not often that I can't find any words, but I just don't know what to say after watching that video. Itwas very moving. VERY moving. Thanks for linking to it.

And what a cool nephew you have. I love their house, I love what he does.

Tell him thanks.

Nancy said...

Thanks for watching, Beth.
And thanks for your comment.

I'll tell him 'thanks from Beth'.

Maria said...

Wow! That is one neat guy. The video is very compelling. Well done.

Justin Ross said...

Thanks so much Nancy for helping spread the word. I love the presentation, I feel honored!
Haiti was an eye opening experience to say the least, I feel so very blessed for all that I have, including awesome and loving family like you Nancy!


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