Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!!!

The above picture was taken yesterday afternoon at the Mother/Daughter Tea at Parkwood Retirement Community. It was a FUN time!

Now for some fun and random pictures of Mother taken not too long ago ....

So you can see that Mother is a wonderful Mother, and Grandmother and Nana.

For sure, I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for her.

And what is super .... is that she lives so close by... as do all her grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!!!

About 30 minutes after I posted the above I posted this on Facebook.... because it happened....
Oh my goodness ... I stayed home from church... not feeling too great.... and, of course I have no makeup on.... and lo and behold Channel 8 rang the doorbell to 'catch' me getting flowers from my honey from Fed EX. I'm not making this up. (I'm so excited I had to Facebook.) (I'm not making this up.)

I'm still in shock.


laura said...

Those are some great pictures! Grandmother is a wonderful grandmother (and I hear she is a good mother too). And YOU have been a wonderful mother to me and Will (and all of our friends and cousins and your grand-niece and grand nephew). Thanks you!

laura said...

i mean thank you

Sara Elizabeth said...

Happy Mother's Day Aunt Nancy!!!!!!!!

Deanna said...

Nancy, your mom looks GREAT. Glad you guys had fun yesterday. We had the annual Mother's Day Style Show and tea at Mirabella where my mom is yesterday. Always fun. AND a fun little shopping time (bought a jacket there last year, and another one this year).

Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Was actually wondering if there was a day later this week when you might be free to have some face time and a visit, maybe over lunch or coffee. Let me know. We should exchange phone numbers via email or a PM on FB.

Would have paid BIG MONEY to see the look on your face when Channel 8 showed up at your door!!! Priceless!!!!!

Talk soon. Feel better.

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