Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello, my name is Nancy...

... and I'm a Facebookaholic.


Well, maybe.

Lately I have found that I just keep going back... to see who has posted what.

I can find out people's sleeping habits.

Their eating habits.

If they forgot to take out the trash.

When their next final is.

If they're having a hot flash.


I can know every single thought in some of those people's heads.

And the bad thing is that I must want to... I keep going back for more...

I'm making light of all of this... but that picture of that Facebookaholic-guy is really sad.

I don't think I'm that bad.


Being Beth said...

Ha!!! That's why I'm extremely selective about what I put up on my wall. Most of the stuff I read is NOMB and sometimes borders on "Overshare." Still, it's fun to legally stalk and be a voyeur.

Maria said...

That's funny. The other day I saw a group for people to 'like' "It's your status, not your diary." I almost liked it. But you know, people get offended. And, once someone got mad at me because I posted "Stupid is as stupid does..." He thought I was talking about him...LOL!


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