Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hate this song...

. . . . "Me and Mrs. Jones"

I heard it on the radio yesterday.

I hate it.

Billy Paul sang it. And now Michael Buble has a version of it.

I hate it.

It's about an extramarital affair.

Since I'm thinking of weddings and marriages these days I thought I'd talk about this business of affairs.
(It's my blog - I get to talk about what I want.)

In the recent past - and in the faraway past - I've known people who have been devastated by affairs. The people who have the affairs are not the ones I'm talking about (though they usually end up devastated, too) ...I'm talking about the people left in the aftermath.
... the people left confused, swirling around not knowing how to 'be'.... (and sometimes even having to answer to those who blame them for not forgiving).

Ah but let me say this: I think no one is immune from committing adultery.
(No one is immune from anything, I think.)
(Yeah, I think we can all be pretty wretched deep down.)

Ah, but how does an affair start?
A flirt ... or someone looking at you a little longer than normal?
Is that how it starts?

However it starts, stop it.




I could say more but I won't.

Whoa. This blog is usually upbeat.

Well, I'll end it with good news....
We have a Savior.
When we're out drowning in the sea of awfulness, we don't have to be good enough to be saved.... Jesus comes down the ladder of our trying to be good enough ... and he saves us.

(I know, I used two metaphors that may not have worked together.....(drowning and ladder) .. oh well.... IT'S STILL A PROFOUND RELIEF. !!!!!!!!!)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Heh. I'd like to share this post with someone... but... I'm pretty sure it wouldn't go over well.

I don't understand affairs... and I hope I never have to try.

Deanna said...

Good post, Nancy (as usual). I have seen the heartbreak of friends whose marriages dissolved due to a spouse's cheatin' heart. Have seen a marriage recover and strengthen in the aftermath, but have seen many more totally crumble. Is it an offense I would be able to forgive??? Not on my own. Only through God's grace, and He would have to carry me through it for sure. Too bad that so much of "popular" culture glorifies and "normalizes" such behaviour. Nothing new - movies, songs, books, you name it, have been putting it out there for decades and decades. I think when we see/hear/read the junk over and over and over again, we sort of become immune to truth and more blind to the lies, and forget that right is right, wrong is wrong, good is good, and sin is sin, no matter how tarted up and "pretty" it is made to appear. Okay, there is my sermon for today.

Carmack said...


Maria said...

I completely agree that I hate the lyrics. I think that song was popular because of the melody, which I like.

Rob said...

You should listen to the song "Mr. Jones," by Counting Crows. That song is awesome.

Nancy said...

Rob, I just listened to that "Mr. Jones" song. VERY interesting! (Thanks.)

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