Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm convinced...

... that pictures ARE worth a thousand words...

This first one is of Ryan, with sweet Andrew, Caroline and little Sawyer ...
(We were at Bear Valley planning the wedding ceremony. The little ones put it in perspective - telling us that 'ceremony' is just fluff. What matters is LOVE.)

This next picture was taken at Will's first visit to the ER...
He was aggressively washing dishes at Bailey's house and severely cut his pinkie. (I think this may be the first time 'aggressive' and 'washing dishes' have been used in the same sentence.) :)
Fortunately he didn't have nerve damage... just six stitches-worth-of-damage.

This next picture was taken right before Ryan and Laura went to Plano for his 'pinning' for his nursing degree...He graduated the next morning from TWU.

Then that evening Bailey Jo graduated SUMMA CUM-LAUDE!!!!! from UTA.
This picture was taken at her celebration party last night.

I got to hold her precious little niece, Camryn, at the celebration party...She is so PRECIOUS.
I would say the little ones are the ones who make life PRECIOUS, wouldn't you?

I'm glad somebody invented cameras.


Being Beth said...

Aggressively washing dishes??? Hahahaha! Poor Will. And that was his FIRST trip to the ER? Wow, I didn't know boys could get through 25 years without stitches.

Congrats to both Ryan and Bailey Jo -- wow!!!

I'm glad somebody invented cameras too, and I'm especially glad you have one.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Aggressively washing dishes?? LOL... What a good Will though!

The babies are all so cute..

Congrats to all the graduates in your family! I love Laura's dress -- she looks so cute!

I'm glad someone invented cameras, too.

Ryan said...

Thank you!!

alice said...

Nancy, the picture of your father as a young child looks like Andrew!!!!!

Nancy said...

I think you're right, Alice!

Pat said...

Congratulations to Bailey Jo and Ryan. Glad the graduations were at different times so you could attend both. Love the picture of Will - he looks a lot like his Sam.


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