Saturday, May 29, 2010

Most folks think ...

... that their garage sale is the best.

Well, they didn't go to April's!!

It was for THE WORLD RACE.
When did YOU go to a garage sale for THE WORLD RACE?

(Oh, sorry to shame you.)

Not only was it a garage sale. It was a cupcake sale....
(April made those cupcakes herself.)

And she sold stuff...

... lots of stuff.

It was all for her World Race trip starting January, 2011. She's going to be embarking on an 11-month mission trip to 11 different countries. You can join her in anticipation, prayer and support at

April Alvarado is really one of the most interesting and fun people I know.

Check out her website/blog.

And support her in prayer.

You go, April!!!!


Being Beth said...

Wow! That's way cool. I'll check out her sites. You know the most interesting people.

April said...

thanks for coming out again Nancy! It meant a lot to me that you would stop by AND write a whole blog post about me! I wish you and the whole family smooth sailing next week and I'll see you on the BIG DAY!

ps- YOU are one of the most interesting people I know! this is simply a fact and I'm so glad I know you!

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