Monday, May 10, 2010

My 15 seconds...

As you may (or may not) know I was on television last night.

When my 'performance' was being taped, I was thinking, "Oh, I hope they don't use this." But when the crew left, I thought, "Oh, I hope they use this." (They did.)

I was so excited, I immediately posted it on Facebook. (As some of you know.)

Here's a recap:

I was staying home from church because I was feeling 'under the weather'.

Around ten o'clock Shiloh starts barking. Then the doorbell rings.
Hmm, I think. Everybody knows we're at church, so maybe it's a burglar just making sure the house is empty.
I carefully go to the front door and see a camera man.
My first thought (seriously) is: "I haven't been entering that Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes Contest. They must have the wrong house."

I proceed to open the door and tell them.... and lo and behold they want to video-tape ME ... getting flowers!!

I immediately start telling them I look terrible.
I (seriously) think about asking, "Could you wait a minute and let me go put on my makeup and fix my hair?"
Then I fully realize they want a 'surprise' take so I don't ask.
Then I apologize for our weeds.
They insist our yard is okay...and they won't video-tape the flowerbeds... and would I please open the long box.

I do....and see the roses ... and read that they are from Sam... and that is what made the news!

Yes, I'm enjoying this little incident. I'm milking it.

And Sam is enjoying it... having his gift to me broadcast throughout north Texas.

But I have to say, it IS kind of sobering for me.
I mean, after I watched it, I could really see why sales people lately have been asking if I want 'the senior discount'.

(A little later: I just found out where the 'wonderful' video is..... Click HERE to watch it. If you blink you'll miss me. (Oh, and someone else's name is there). Hopefully you'll recognize me.
(I can't believe I'm sharing this with everybody.... I mean, I used to never go out even to the mail box without my makeup on. I've come a long way since I was seventeen!!)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I missed the broadcast... take pictures of the beautiful flowers and broadcast them on the blog, please!!

Pat said...

Quite the exciting day - loved the video. You were the perfect one to film.

Green Girl said...

How sweet! And, don't be silly, you look always!

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