Wednesday, May 12, 2010

These are they....

...these are the roses whose delivery made the news. !!!
Well, I've calmed down.

Yes, I've calmed down.

My fifteen (more like nine) seconds of fame are over.

Back to the real world...

... but it's anything but dull...

...this weekend both of my kids' sweethearts are graduating!
Ryan graduates from nursing school Saturday morning!
And Bailey graduates from the University of Texas at Arlington on Saturday night!

Oh and lots of relatives are graduating from different schools around the world.

And then there is the wedding! And all that comes before.

It's a good thing I've calmed down!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Those sure are pretty!! I saw the link you posted on facebook -- thanks! I recognized you, and of course "Sam"... and I agree -- you've been a wonderful mother to your children!!!!

So many celebrations -- I love it!!!

caroline said...

busy busy!!
I'm so excited about the wedding!
and your flowers are beautiful!


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