Friday, May 21, 2010

When you've lived a long life...

... you have friends that go back a long time...
... and thanks to Facebook, you can get back in touch!

My dear friend Deanna and I hadn't seen each in 37 1/2 years... until yesterday!
Needless to say there was lots of catching up to do!

And as I told my husband later about her, I said, "I think she's one of the most interesting people I know!"
From 1982 till just recently (2007?) Deanna and her husband have lived in Cairo, Egypt (where her son was born); and Nigeria; and Singapore; and Quito, Ecuador; and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (I may be missing a country or two.) Now they're back in Texas to take care of her mom.

Back in the fall of '70 she and I met and became part of a college singing group called CATCH THE SON (yes, that was the name). We wore matching dresses, took road trips, set up equipment, and just did what singing groups did back in that day... sing and play... and, as my parents found out, didn't study on our study-for-finals-days at Baylor.

Anyway, yesterday was so fun... catching up.

We met and ate at the tea room at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth. And just so you know, the food was good... but not nearly as tasty as LoneStar's tea room's food! (No brag, just fact.)
After that, I ran home, got my mother-of-the-bride dress, possible jewelry combinations, shoes, etc., and took them over to Elizabeth's house to have her help me 'put my outfit together'. (I used to use her mom for those kinds of consultations. It's amazing I can get dressed by myself these days.)
Anyway, while there little Caroline wanted to take our picture. (I let her take pictures sometimes.) She said, "Mommy and Nancy, make a funny face." This is what she took....

(Elizabeth just cracks me up!)

Then Caroline said, "Take my picture as I look like this!"
Then she posed....

Life is fun.

And yesterday was GREAT fun!!!


Deanna said...

Ha! I don't think I am all that interesting. Long-winded maybe, but interesting, nah not so much. BUT YESTERDAY WAS FUN!!!! So great to see you and start our "catching up." Can't wait to resume the catch up when you are past all of the hubbub of being the Mother of the Bride.

More importantly, I LOVE YOUR CD's. Nancy, you play SO beautifully. I am enjoying them SO much. And you picked some of my absolute FAVORITE hymns to be on your CD!!!! Gonna have to go get Mother's all set up in her player for her so she can enjoy them, too. SHE SAYS THANK YOU and she hasn't even heard them yet. She will REALLY be thanking you once she hears them!

Once again - it was WONDERFUL to see your pretty, smiling face and hear your sweet voice. I would have known it was you ANYWHERE. You haven't changed at all. Those 37+ years have been kind to you, girl!

Nancy said...

What a sweet comment, Deanna.

caroline said...

That is so fun!! I would love to live in all those interesting places!
And Elizabeth cannot take a bad picture! It's almost a little disgusting ;) (in the best way of course)

Deanna said...

You have such a beautiful family, NONE of them take "bad" pics. All VERY photogenic. And so are you, my dear. Caroline, I have always considered myself incredibly blessed to have had the opportunities to live these various places and to have travelled a lot.

Nancy, I have been trying to hone in on my last real memory of seeing you "way back when" - do you remember when you, Peggy, Rita and I were the bridal party in Evelyn's (a/k/a/ "Evenly")wedding in San Antonio??? Sleeping on cots/hideaway beds in a room together, giggling and talking all night before the wedding??? All dressed up in our deep rose-colored velveteen dresses??? My mom still had that dress stored in a closet until we "cleaned house" to sell it, have an estate auction, and move them into assisted living. Can you imagine??? She also had all of my old prom dresses, too . . . costumes from my senior play . . . well, we won't get into all that. Suffice it to say NONE OF THEM FIT ANYMORE . . . Ha!

I dropped by to see her earlier today, and SHE WAS PLAYING YOUR CD (In the Garden) AND LOVING IT. She agrees with me - you play beautifully and have a very nice "touch."

Have a great weekend, my friend.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love it! Sounds like Deanna might have been in the energy industry, based on those locations. ;) That's so cool that you were able to catch up!!

Love the picture of you and Elizabeth... and the one of Caroline is a keeper too.


Nancy said...

Yes, Sara, Deanna's husband was in the energy industry.

And Deanna, I most certainly DO remember being in Evelyn's bridal party... and those dresses.. and everything. GOOD MEMORIES. Do you know what became of her?

Deanna said...

You guys are correct on the energy industry thing. It has taken us all over the place. Many of my FB friends are friends from our international postings, still in the international pool, living and travelling everywhere. I miss expat life sometimes (and mostly the maids and cooks and gardeners and drivers and stuff that went along with it, as well as the travelling), but am glad to be back "home." Home is where we are meant to be now.

Re: "Evenly" -- I have no idea where she is. I can't even remember her last name (maiden OR married) or I would google her and try to find her. That is so awful of me. We were roommates for so long, and I can't even remember her name. I guess I have a good memory, it is just VERY short . . .

BTW - my mom says THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the CD's. Every time I drop by or call right now, she is listening to them.

Nancy said...

I don't remember Evelyn's last name either, Deanna. I don't remember A LOT of people's last names!! Ah, but I remember the fun!

Thanks for your thanks from your mom!
It's just mellow piano... and hopefully it mellows folks out!

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