Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's been a good day...

... and it ended by our going to the Chisholm Aquatic Center in Hurst... for FOTP's annual summer swim. FUN! (Sam and I didn't get in the water... well, my feet did... but it was still fun.) ('Course we didn't stay very long... but long enough, in my opinion.)

Prior to everybody (but us) getting in the water, we had a baptism service. About ten people were baptized, I think. That was great. Everybody clapped and cheered after each person was baptized.
Different note: Friday morning I got my Caroline and Andrew fix. Caroline wanted me to wear the crown that she and her mom-Elizabeth made. I said, "Oh, I get to be the Queen!"
"No, no," said Caroline. "You get to be the princess!"

Oh, well I'd rather be a princess any day!
(See the crown?)
Different note: You may notice Will and Bailey's picture in the sidebar, and the link to their wedding website. Check that out... and be sure and read about the proposal. It's very sweet, in my unbiased opinion.

Wedding plans are being made as I type.

This is an exciting year at the Carmack house!!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love the proposal story -- too sweet!

Congrats to your sweet son and his bride to be, Princess Nancy.

That little Andrew just gets cuter every time I see him... he's growing so fast though!

Maria said...

You look mighty lovely in the pink crown Nancy.

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