Friday, June 11, 2010

Signs... and a potato...

I found these signs at LoneStar Antiques and Montgomery St. Antique Mall.
(I think they're cute and I think it was okay that I take their pictures.)

(I think that first one is my favorite.)------
This next picture I got off of ...
I thought it was appropriate - being wedding week and all.
(Oh, I guess last week was wedding week.
Well, I'm still reliving it!)


Maria said...

Love the potato!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I like the potato, too... but the signs are cute... especially the snapdragon. :)

arg said...

1. LOVE the potato.
2. LOVE the barbie sign. I want her tan without the real life tanning effects!
3. I LOVE LOVE the summery background and your new avatar! yum!
4. I just read all of the wedding posts too, and I'm so glad you documented it all! I wish I had more of the "real life" documentation and you got it all! I can't wait to see the other pictures after seeing the one that you posted!


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