Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tune-up...

I wanted to have a 'TT' post today.

My dear friend Beth has "Tuesday Trivia"... which, by the way, is VERY interesting today.
Check it out by clicking HERE. You'll find out if you are an oder or not... and you'll find out (from my comment there) what you already knew: I had (have) a good mama. No, she was (is) a WONDERFUL MAMA.

As for me, I've decided to call today my Tuesday Tune-up.

I had a physical checkup- that turned out well.

Then after I played "Singing in the Rain", "Rainy Days and Mondays", and "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" several times in the tea room, I got my hair done.

Not only that... I decided to go to the tea room a whole different (roundabout) way, and before that, to eat something totally different for breakfast after my check-up. (I usually eat some kind of junk food after I have a physical exam.) I had a chicken biscuit from McDonald's, with a real Coke. Mmmm.

Oh, and on my way to my hairdresser's I had some time to kill so I just drove around. I seldom do this - because of not wanting to waste gas... plus not wanting the guilt of wasted time.... but, well, I was in a good mood... so.....

While driving around I thought about Mission, Texas... where I grew up. Many memories came to my mind... that I will be sharing these next few days in this blog.
You see, on July 9th I travel down there.... for my 40th year high school reunion!!

I'm thinking I may be the most excited attendee who is going to this reunion.
'Course Diana will be the most excited attendee come Monday morning, July 12th.... when she can REST!! (Thank you, Diana, for all the work you're doing.)

So stay Tuned... to learn more about my growing up years in wonderful Mission, Texas.
I just know you're excited. (ha!)

(Uh, no, all of the south Texas border is NOT surrounded by water.)

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Being Beth said...

I like your Tuesday Tune-up! You were in rare form today, Nancy, and sounds like you had a ball! Cute photo's of Will and Bailey on the sidebar too! I'm eager to hear all about your reunion -- you will have so much fun!!!

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