Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A whole new world....

I have learned lately that when you enter the world of wedding planning you are entering a whole new subculture.

The rules can be different...

Take DAVID'S BRIDAL store. Every other shop nearby opens at 10 o'clock (or 9 o'clock). DAVID'S BRIDAL opens at 11 o'clock. ...
So we get there and wait.
Then we walk in.
"May I help you?"
"I want to look at wedding dresses."
"What time is your appointment?"
(Who knew?)
So we make one for later in the day.

Then we get in the car, get our cell phones out and call other bridal shops ... to 'make appointments'.

Later we find out we need to make an appointment to talk to a caterer.
We make the appointment.
We show up.
We hear a lecture about cakes... and the kinds of icing to choose from... and the advantages of each kind of icing.
Then we (the bride, groom, and I) sit down and look through seemingly hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes, and groom cakes.
Then, they tell us to wait a bit for the 'samples'.
Out comes a plate with little bites of cake - 3 bites each (for the bride, groom, and me)- of all the flavors of cake we can choose from. (Silly me, I thought wedding cake had only one flavor: wedding cake.)
Fortunately we are hungry.

After deciding on the flavor - and the look of the cake -- we talk about how many tables and what size we have.
We go the church and see what they have.
Then I go back and tell them, and talk more about details... and leave, applauding myself, and the bride and groom for being decisive.

I've learned that decision making is the key in wedding planning.
You may notice my background. I've chosen this one because I think it looks kind of wedding-y - and for sure, it has Laura's 'colors' - blue and green.

In closing I'll show you some pictures of 'work day' yesterday... getting ready for the rehearsal dinner - (that we'll have here at our house - and the Maxwells are catering it.)

(Now I'm wondering, how did I have my own wedding 32 years ago without having a blog to blog?)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL, the rules certainly are different.

Both Kayla and Laura will be married on the same day. Wow.

And, you are both smart to have rehearsal dinners AT HOME! You're so smart.

Love the blues and greens... I can see that with Laura-Laura.

Congrats... again... :)

Being Beth said...

I'm saving this post so I can check it again if and when I'm involved in wedding planning. Oy, it seems like a different game since I got married. Mine was more like planning a birthday party. Pretty simple.

I'm SO excited about Saturday. It'll be a fun afternoon.

laura said...

yeah, with each element of the wedding there are tons of rules that I don't know about. That's why I'm thankful for friends who are married and for Google.

And for you!


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