Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be Like Sam.

Here’s what I would tell any spouse that goes to his/her spouse’s high school reunion:

Be like Sam:

When you get into your spouse’s hometown, tell your spouse, “I’m with you... just go wherever you want and see whatever you want. This is YOUR time. I'm just along for the ride.”
Those words will endear you to your spouse.

Be the ‘camera person’... Take pictures of your spouse talking to everybody. And when they take the group pictures... take lots of ‘takes’.

Act happy to be there, even though you know no one, and your spouse is leaving you all the time to go connect with old friends.
When your spouse says, "Oh, I'm sorry I keep leaving you here alone." Say, "That is so okay... you need to go mingle with your folks. Now go.... "

Really, Sam could not have been better this weekend. .. which made it so fun. I had thought about telling him to stay home, when he offered to come, but I’m glad I didn’t. He was a wonderful escort, and camera-man... and he got to see my old ‘digs’ and meet my old friends.
I was proud to show him off, and to show them off to him.

Here are some photos of Sam being the perfect high-school-reunion-attendee-spouse ...
(That's Linton with his partner Greg, and Sam, of course. Linton and Greg came all the way from Brooklyn, New York for the reunion.)

These next 2 photos I stole from Myra's Facebook photos-- thanks, Myra! (Notice how Sam is interested in me being at the reunion....)

This next picture shows me with the best spouse not only of the reunion but of all time....

Thank you, honey.

Everyone should learn from you.


Being Beth said...

Sam is a good man, and you are so blessed to be his wife. I've got a man that's as good for me and to me as Sam is to you. Every single day i tell God thank you for Mark and I know you do the same for Sam.

This was such a sweet and heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing it. I loved the photo's of Sam watching you -- his face tell it all -- how proud he is of you, how much he loves and admires you, how much joy you bring to his life. IT all just makes me smile.

caroline said...

That is so sweet! I'm so glad y'all had a good time You two are too cute. :)

Maria said...

He's a keeper Nancy. Glad you've kept him ;)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

This is the best post ever! That Sam, he's a keeper! I'm so glad he went with you -- and that you both had a wonderful time. :)


Julia said...

What good spouses you both are!

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