Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dennis worked at MINIMAX....

(In case you don't know, I'm blogging these days about growing up in Mission, TX.... --I have my 40th year high school reunion starting day after tomorrow!)
Here are some memories:

I remember our best friend’s twin brother getting an actual job. (Yes, our best friend was a twin, too, only to a boy... who wrote me love letters in the fourth grade.) Dennis was the first in our generation to get a job. He sacked groceries at MINIMAX. We’d go and spy on him ... and be thrilled (and scared) that we were all growing up.

And before that adventure, we (Peggy, Diane and I) started shaving our legs, and we'd talk about it to our friends in Mr. Rodriguez' seventh grade math class. (Funny what you remember.)

And Mother took us to the beauty shop where they sold Merle Norman cosmetics, and a lady taught us how to put on makeup.

We were growing up.

And we had TV crushes...

... like Dr. Kildare...

... and The Fugitive....
(He made big ears very attractive.)
...And Little Joe on BONANZA...(I really liked Adam the best until I found out he wore a hair piece.)

Notice that the BONANZA picture is in color.
It was one of the first TV shows in color.
We'd go to the Morrises' house on Sunday night after church and watch it on their TV.

There were just two TV stations in the Valley then: Channel 4 and Channel 5.
And there was no videoing of a show.
There was no TiVo... or DVR....

Life was rough.

And when we watched PERRY MASON we'd have to really watch it closely or we'd miss clues. We couldn't rewind it ... ... and we'd have to watch it when it was ON. Oh, and there was no closed-caption. (Sam and I have gotten to where we watch most everything with closed-caption these days.)
Here are places I remember well:
- The Fontana Hotel, with swimming lessons with Mrs. Walsh.
- Hamburgers at the Luau. Yum.
- Hamburgers at Shake-n-Burger. Yum again.
- Driving down Mayberry along the golf course.
- Shopping at MISSION DRY GOODS.
- Getting sundaes with friends at the drug store. One time Twinkle ordered a pineapple one... it looked so good.
- Being in Miss Rose Hart Dale's freshmen English class. ... when Peggy was giving an oral report and twice she said, "Out from their tears came eyes", and then she got so tickled about it she couldn't quit laughing... and I was sitting there absolutely mortified. (Nothing like being a freshman in high school.) (Fortunately we forgave each other: I forgave her for laughing so much at the front of the class, and she forgave me for being so mortified about it.)
- Always getting our groceries at MINIMAX.
- Oh, and how could I forget Mr. Grinnan's American History class. He would get so wrapped up in his lecture that it would be like he forgot we were there.

- And of course, my house on Bryan Road.
... and the kitchen.
I remember my parents hugging in the kitchen...very, very often ... and Peggy and I would ALWAYS have to join the hug. We did that from the time we were little .... till we graduated and moved away.

Would that all children had parents like we did.... who were always hugging ... and telling each other they loved each other.

Oh, that makes me want to call Sam......


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Beautiful post.... and what a great treasure these memories will be for Will and Laura and any little Carmacks that come after. :)

I can imagine all of this -- you write so well... yet so simply... it's beautiful.

Being Beth said...

Another wonderful post, Nancy. We used to go to the neighbors to watch Bonanza and The Wonderful World of Disney in color -- every Sunday night. I guess they didn't mind us barging in every week. Being neighbors was such a different thing back then. Now you wouldn't dream of dropping in to watch TV show. I still like Perry Mason, and wasn't Dr. Kildare dashing? Now he looks like a kid to me.

I wonder if my kids have ever noticed how often Mark and I hug in the kitchen? That's where we do most of our hugging, and we do it a lot. So interesting that the kitchen, the hub of the home, is the place for giving and receiving hugs. Nowadays Cali is the only one to squeeze in the middle of our hugs.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm already forgetting my high school teachers names. I'm impressed you remember. I do remember my favorite one though--Mr. Sanders for AP World History and AP European History.

And I think my parents were pretty awesome growing up as well.


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