Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting patriotic....

... at LoneStar Antiques....

Yes, even that barber shop sign looks patriotic to me.
.... back when I was growing up the Fourth of July meant my dad would always fly a large American flag on our porch at 3/4 Mi. N. Bryan Road, Mission, Texas. That was our address. I think they use house numbers now. (I'll find out next weekend!)

We'd also try and go to the big White family reunion in east Texas. I guess that meant Daddy would put the flag out early. Anyway, the White reunion has been going on for decades, and decades, and decades. And it's going on this Sunday as well. Mother and I will be there!! I'll ask Will and Bailey to come, too. Laura and Ryan already have plans. Sam can't go because of church responsibilities. Anyway, if anybody leaves hungry from that reunion, it is his/her own fault. I usually leave promising myself I will diet the next day. !!!
We've had over 100 folks at those reunions.... and most every family brings a couple of homemade something-or-others to eat.. ... I can hardly wait.
A week from tomorrow Sam and I'll be going down to the Valley for my 40th year high school reunion. They've been having lots of rain down there, due to Hurricane Alex. Hopefully next weekend it will be sunny... which probably means it will be HOT!

Here's a memory I've had from down there... no air conditioning in the elementary school and junior high school back then. ... Except in the principal's office in junior high, which meant most of us wanted to be office aides!
My eighth grade year I got to be one ... with Debbie Rivera. I remember us talking and talking about just anything and everything. Why, to this day when I think of how my hair has more body in it when it's not really clean I think of Debbie! We talked about that, agreeing to its truth.

Funny what the mind remembers.

(You thought I was going to tell about important stuff?)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

The real question is: What are you taking to the family reunion? I always know you have good food! :)

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