Saturday, July 3, 2010

If I were to blog...

... about everything that's been happening lately... well, I wouldn't have the time to write it... and you wouldn't have the time to read it.
(Life gets busy!)

For now let me tell you about what happened Thursday evening...

I went with Mother to her Parkwood patriotic program. It was GREAT!

Here she is with her lunch mates...
(from left, Mary, Jean, Mother-Margaret, and Clara)

Here's a picture of the entertainment, Doc Gibbs....... the three in front of him are dancing to his lively "San Antonio Rose" (as I recall).
By the way, that Doc Gibbs is quite the performer. Why, his "Unforgettable" was every bit as good as Nat King Cole's. I'm serious.

I think this couple was dancing to it....

You can tell by this next picture that lots of folks were there...
...all dressed in their red white and blue.

(Sorry about the fuzziness in my pictures. Will suggested I might need to clean my lens or something.)
Before and after that program I babysat.

First I babysat Caroline and Andrew...
... and I decided that I wouldn't just babySIT this time. I would really play, and enthusiastically read any book they wanted me to... and then really play some more.
It was fun. FUN!
'Course I had to come home and take a nap... but it was so worth it....
and 'course next time they may want to play as raucously again, and well, I'll have to decide how to lessen their expectations... (oh, and remember to take a picture.)
Then the next day I babysat four month old Sawyer, as his parents were moving into a new house!
I didn't play as hard with him, and he didn't care if I read him a book or not... so it was quite a different babysitting experience. ... and Will got to help me (as it was his day off).... (Those are two sweet fellas, huh?)
Well, there's more to tell...(about SoulShake... and Mission memories) but it will have to wait.
I really do have a life to live outside of this blog.... and I better go live it!


Elizabeth H. said...

Sweet blog! Love the pictures! Sawyer is so handsome! My kids were plum tired on Thursday!! They had fun! Thank you for staying with them while we were at the doctor!!

And I just noticed your counter and how many visits you've had - over 30,000!!!! You should put some google ads on here or some blogher ads and make money off of this!

Anonymous said...

that's such a cute picture of Will and Sawyer! Looks you guys had fun and Friday.

And grandmother looks like the bestlooking lady at Parkwood

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