Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hate-filled Hypocrites...

... grrr.... they make me mad.

Oh wait.

That's what some people call Christians, of which I am one.


Recently Anne Rice (author of such works as INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE) said, "Today I quit being a Christian...It's simply impossible for me to belong to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious and deservedly infamous group." Later, Anne Rice said she is a Christian but, "following Christ does not mean following his followers."

So my rant today is about those people like Anne Rice who don't like 'Christians'.

Well, I don't think Jesus Christ himself likes those 'Christians'.


Yes, I want to steer clear of those people.
Who doesn't?
(Well, except the like-minded I guess.)

If you read the New Testament you'll see that folks called "Pharisees" are the kind of folks Anne Rice doesn't like.
And yes, they're in churches everywhere.


But so are wonderful, loving folks.... who are not self-righteous, and still see the need of help, and God.
And who are not out to bash you.

Ah, but I guess to some folks one bad apple does indeed spoil the whole bushel.

I hope Anne Rice will find some group of believers that will be good for her.
Because we all need each other.

Oh, but if she's looking for the perfect group... she won't find it.

Who's perfect?


Bobbie said...

Daddy, being a minister, used to hear "I don't go to church anymore. It's full of hypocrits!"

Well, is there a better place for them to be? We are human, but the grace of God covers our sins. Maybe if she found a loving fellowship of believers, she might find that she draws strength and support from those hypocrits!

Deanna said...

I read that article re: Ann Rice's comments, too. And it bothered me. Yes, there are hypocrites everywhere, sad but it's a fact. But there are also people who seem to think they get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible and Christ's teachings they "like" and want to accept and follow. From what I have read concerning Ms. Rice, she takes offense and doesn't "like" some of the Church's teachings, and accordingly doesn't like the people who believe and support those teachings. We don't get to pick and choose and reshape God's Word to fit our own personal worldviews and social beliefs. Rather, we need to read and study more and ask Him to reshape OUR personal worldviews and social beliefs to conform to His Word. So there is my sermon for the day. And, yes, I pray that Ms. Rice will search and find a church and a body of believers who DO teach the Bible as the inerrant and unchanging Word of God, and speak it in truth and in love, and that she will see God's love, and not man's hypocricy, there.

Being Beth said...

I think you wrote that with a lot of grace, Nancy.

I do understand feeling disappointed with the church, other Christians, and sometimes even with God.

I think the "cure" for that is to begin to look less for faults in others and more for what God loves in a person, namely the beauty he sees, the value and dignity he gives to each and every human being.

When we begin searching for those things, the hypocrisy in our own lives falls away, and we in turn become more lovable ourselves. We're easier to get along with, people are drawn to us, and begin to fill our deep longing to be loved and to belong.
THEN the way we experience Christians changes drastically.

On another topic -- I really REALLY like the background you have up today. When your blog came up it gave me one of those "aaaahhhhh" moments. Thanks!

Dave Fuller said...

Great words Nancy.
These label things are tricky--at least for me. Take that one, "Christian." If we're using it in the sense of something I call myself to say that I'm a Christ-follower, Sometimes I'm not. Many times I'm a dave-follower.
BUT if we're using it in the sense of a sinner, saved by grace--I'm in baby!

Nancy said...

Wow. Those are GREAT comments, Bobbie, Deanna, Beth, and Dave.

Thanks so much.

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