Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's some outside and inside....

... of the Maxwell House (my daughter and her husband's new little house)...(This beautiful plant was a house-warming gift from Laura's grandmother.)

(These potted flower-plants were used for decoration at the rehearsal dinner.)

(These two pictures were placed on some of the burlap that was used in the wedding.)

(That is the chair that goes with the lovely duct-taped couch I showed you earlier.)

On a different note:
A cool front is coming (or came?)...
... it's supposed to be just 99 degrees today!
'Course with the humidity the heat index will be 105.

That wouldn't be too bad - if you had air conditioning!
Part of our huge house's air conditioner went out Saturday. ... the part of the master bedroom, Sam's study, and the guest room.

Ah, but we're going north today.... across the Red River ... to get to our business meetings early... to stay in an air conditioned hotel room. (Life IS good.)

On a different note, Sam and I have started our 'eating-right' campaign.

I would call it a diet, but that would just jinx it.

He is going low-carb.
I'm going just 'no-white-sugar' - and 'no-white-flour'.

We started a week ago.

It feels good.

I'm optimistic ...
that I'll keep it up till tomorrow.


sara [at] journey of doing said...



Offically obsessed with that painting of Florence. You know why? Because it's MY STREET. Like. MY APARTMENT IS WHERE IT'S PAINTED FROM!

Will you ask Laura-Laura where she found it? (I'm going back in a month.)

I need to eat right, too.

Nancy said...

Sara, I thought "What picture is she talking about?"
Then I saw it.

Wow. That is amazing!!
I'll ask Laura where she found it. (And maybe she could leave a comment to that.)

(We must get the two of you together.)

Anonymous said...

I bought it on the streets of Florence. You know there is always guys selling art on the streets. I think it was next to the Santa Croce. :)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Thank you, Laura!!!! :)

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