Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday morning...

and I just got back from the Addison Airport...

Some of my most favorite relatives flew down from Tennessee this weekend... to see if Texas felt hotter than Tennessee. I think my uncle thinks Tennessee won... what with its humidity and all.
(I'll let Tennessee win.)

That's not the only reason they came, of course.
They - and we - went to see another relative over in Collin County who's been going through some rough times....

... which makes me think... life can always get worse than it is... and one's reaction to the 'worst-it-can-get' - is what is so important.

'Course my life right now is going great.

Yet sometimes I'm tempted to complain of little stuff... like limp hair in the heat, or too many weeds coming through the mulch.

Good grief.

I have so many blessings.

And this relative who's been going through some incredibly rough times... is telling about HER blessings... and how everything will work out.

Yes, it is those who suffer who can bless us the most.

It is their reaction to suffering that can do it.

Oh my.

I pray that I will let my measly complaints cease...
... since they are so measly.

And I will think of how God can bring us through ANYTHING.

And to blame him for our suffering is ... though human.... so nearsighted.

I'm trying to be eloquent here...
... but I'm really speechless.

(Did I just say I was speechless?)


Well, I'm going to go to church - to the 12:15 service - and be glad that I can go... and that I have a God who is always there... and who has given us the Bible... and everything we need to live for him.

I'm feeling very blessed right now.

Throughout this day I will try and not complain about things ... like this horrible heat.

I will think of yesterday... and some lessons learned.


(P.S. Someday my relative may explain all of her suffering to you. I won't use my blog to do that.... other than to say that she has blessed me.)

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