Saturday, August 28, 2010

The truth is out there...

... and it is absolutely fantastic.

That's what I believe.

When I was younger I went through some major questionings about life... and God.

And then I found out that most folks go through that.

I mean, how can there be a God... period?
Much less a good God... in a world with so much misery?

And this Jesus' stuff...
... how can I buy that?

... I'm not going to buy it just because I've been taught it all my life.

Well, that's the reason I'm NOT going to buy it.

I could keep going, but long story short: I ended up buying it.

And in my mid-twenties I wrote a country western song about it.
I put it on a CD once, but then got apologetic for living and never got it 'out there'.

This is MAJOR for me to share the words of one of my songs with you....
... but I'm going to do it!!

Here it is:


Cruel illusion, gave me a state of confusion
And I could see the masses falling for that lie.

Psychological pacifier from another emotional liar
Telling them they’d have eternal life when they die

Well I just had to expose that joke to all those common folk
I just had to prove it was just a fraud
I just had to set them straight about those pearly gates
I just had to prove there was no God

And so I began my endeavor - I was thinking I was mighty clever
I knew I’d find the proof to show I was right

But it seemed that the deeper I looked into those history books
The more I began to think maybe Jesus WAS the light.
But I still just had to expose that joke to all those common folk
I just had to say, ‘use your common sense’
I just had to set them straight about those pearly gates
I just had to tell them it was only nonsense

But it seemed the harder I’d try to get them their faith to deny
The more I began to think maybe I was misled.

The facts showed he rose from the grave for his people to save
And that he was exactly who he said.

Then I just had to fall on my knees and pray, ‘Dear Jesus, please
Forgive me, I know that I’ve been wrong.
You are the Way, Truth and Life to me
And I’m glad I finally see that You really are God’s own son.’

You see I couldn’t deny it, so I thought I might as well try it
And you know, he’s done exactly what he said.

Oh my problems haven’t disappeared, but I know my Jesus is here
And he’s guiding me all the way ahead.

So if you just have to expose this joke to all us common folk
You’re gonna find we’re not as foolish as you say
And I just know that like me you’ll discover the truth
and be so glad you’ve uncovered the proof
that Jesus is the Truth, the Life, and the Way!

So there you have it.
It needs some tweaking (I always say that).... but that's it.

(I was driving home from the tea room this afternoon and just felt like doing this post.... and starting it with THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE... AND IT IS FANTASTIC!..... because that is what I believe.)

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Diana Corpus Garza said...

Nancy, wow, this was so well done. It's beautiful. It's the struggle we all go through especially in our early 20's and you articulated every feeling, took me to every place I went to. Just the other day I watched something by the comedian Julia Sweeney thinking it was going to bring some "aha" moment she had experienced. It was titled "Letting Go of God."

All I can say is at the end, I sat there crying, from the depths of my soul...not for her but because she had decided that there is no God and I KNOW THERE IS! And I know Jesus IS his son, without whom I wouldn't be where I am.

I'm writing a collection of stories, "A Lifetime of Miracles." So for me to even think for a moment that he doesn't's ludicrous.

But getting back to your song. I know you are one of my miracles - God does not place people in your path for no reason. I know, for so many reasons, you're in my book.

If I haven't said it...let me say it now... I love you, Nancy White are a blessing!

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