Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Wandom (Wandom is 'Random' with a W)...

We had some tea room fun last Friday...(from left: Victoria (Ryan's sister), me, Vicki (Ryan's mother), Laura (my daughter), and Ryan (Victoria's big brother and my son-in-law.)
Here's Will, Bailey and Sam with Bailey's dad Dennis and stepmom Lita... out by the pool - thinking about the wedding.(It didn't seem that dark when we were out there.)
Here's a picture taken the other day when Will and I were babysitting Caroline and Andrew...(I need to ask Andrew's parents what they're doing letting him wear orange.)
And there's this:
"Spent 11 hours at work today but I sure am loving my job!!!!"
Those were Bailey's exact words on Facebook last night... after her second day of teaching.

And I may call Texas Country Reporter... to have him come out and do a story on this fella...(Click the picture to see him better.)

That's the school crossing guard at Glade and Pool (which becomes Jackson going south).

He waves at everybody!!


And he ALWAYS has a big smile.
Rain or Shine.
Cold or hot.

(I've thought many times about stopping and getting his name and just interviewing him...
... cuz I just love him.)
From that picture you can tell there's roadwork going on -
A 'roundabout' is being built at that intersection.
(That makes me feel kind of British.)

Actually I think Colleyville has gone roadwork crazy.
Everywhere you turn it's there (not roundabouts, but other stuff).

I guess there could be worse things in life.

Well, the blog background I'm using today is called "August".
I found it just in time!

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