Friday, September 17, 2010


Did you know that this week (or month) marks the 30th anniversary of the movie AIRPLANE! ?
That meant, of course, we had to watch it...

That was just one of the many things we had to do this week.

On Tuesday we traveled north across the Red River ... for our monthly board meetings at Legacy Bank. (Not to be confused with Legacy Bank of Texas.)
We've been staying at the new Staybridge Suites in Oklahoma City... and I can't say enough good things about that place. Did you know that on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday they actually serve free supper from 5:30-7:30 in their lobby? And it's GREAT FOOD! (That's free supper for their patrons.)

At board meeting we got to see nephew John who took us out to the parking lot to show us his new car!! (That's birthday boy Sam with him.)
(Sam and I are now the same age.)

John is getting ready to drive that to California in a couple of weeks.
I'm sending traveling mercies to you, John.

Another thing I did this week was give little Caroline her first piano lesson!!
(I didn't get a picture... but I have many already of her sweetness...
Here she is with Will... you can tell she's ready to play!!...
This may be a new career for me - teaching little folks music lessons - but for now I'm ONLY going to concentrate on little Caroline. ... And I can tell she's a quick study!!

Speaking of playing....yesterday these pretty ladies came to the tea room. Turns out they were a Bible Study group. They wanted a picture with me in it, so I got out my camera, too! One of those ladies (the one in the aqua behind me) has a very debilitating condition. I would assume it is Parkinson's because she has very much the same manner as Michael J. Fox. She is so darling, though, and friendly.... and such an inspiration.

Life can be hard.
But oh, she has found strength in the Lord. ... and is therefore a blessing to all around her.

Next time she comes (and she comes a lot - with different friends) I'm going to find out her name.
And tell her how inspiring she is.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, I'm putting up another poll.... take it, please!!

(Did you notice that most people voted for (or against) tailgaters?)
(That's who I voted for -- or against. Grrrr......)


Maria said...

I like my coffee strong and black...

Marian Adrian said...

To bad we don't live closer because I would love for you to teach Finn piano lessons!! Very fun for both you and Caroline.

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