Monday, September 27, 2010

For today...

I happened to put a quote up I like by Rob Bell on Facebook a few minutes ago.
It's this...
"We will never live for our true selves when we are comparing ourselves to those around us." - Rob Bell

I really like that simple quote... because sometimes I still get caught up in doing that - comparing myself to others. And of course I - as everyone does, I think - tend to compare my worst qualities with others' best qualities. ... which can make a person (me) crazy.

And then just now I read Jennifer Howes' blog, and she talked about the same thing in her message about perfectionism - at her church's women's conference this weekend. [Click HERE to read it.]

Anyway, it seems we're on the same page.

So for today I'm going to live in my own skin... and praise God 'that I am fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139).

Along that line I want to share a blog post with you by Beth Lahaie. She posted it last Friday.
I told her in my comment that I thought it was a masterpiece.
Take the time to read it, okay?
To me it fits 'being fearfully and wonderfully made' ... in light of growing older.
Click HERE to read it. (The post title is 'Restraints'... and you'll see how that title fits. Oh, it fits!)

Oh, and if you haven't taken my latest poll it's up in the right hand corner.

Now I'm going to go and enjoy this gorgeous day!


Anonymous said...

I am not being able to see the new poll, just the results of the old one. Are you sure that you put a new one up?

Nancy said...

Hmm, Laura. The new poll is the one with gift certificate, etc. It's not over yet. Could it be that you voted on it - so now you see the results?
(It has 19 hours left on it.)

I hope that's the case.

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