Thursday, September 9, 2010

I can't just leave you there...

... with my last post... posted just about an hour and a half ago.

It was just a confession... of my messiness.

Frankly I like to know about other folks' messiness. (Misery loves company.)

But I feel I should have said more... you know, made it more 'redemptive'.

Well, now I want to do a 'do-over'.
(Kind of like... clean up my 'mess'.)

So here's my 'do-over'....

I like going into not-perfect homes.

I like when folks admit their failures.

I like it when people are 'human'.

I think perfectionism can paralyze.

It has paralyzed me at times.

I started writing a book about Bear Valley Church a few years ago.

I spent hours and hours and hours on it.

Then I got paralyzed. ...

I didn't know how to continue....
Nothing seemed right...
... so I just stopped.

I'd tell myself, 'Oh, it's all right. You have written enough down that your kids might enjoy it someday.'

'And besides, you live by grace.'

'God would still love you if you never finished it.'

Yada yada yada.

Long story short: I've gotten it back out ... and am determined NOT TO BE PARALYZED BY MY OWN PERFECTIONISM.

.... AND .... maybe I'll clean out that CD holder-thing in my car, too.

[Now if I can just let myself hit 'publish' and not have to redo this post.......]

(I didn't delete that other post below.)


Diana said...

I hope you liked my "confession" re your last're not alone. Truth be told, I went looking for a piece of jewelry yesterday. By the time I got through, there were boxes of discarded jewelry, broken jewelry, and some jewelry I had forgotten about all over the bed and any space that was available on my dresser. I then proceeded to look for a should see the mess. My hubby agreed..."tis time to dole out the treasures." LOL!!

Nancy said...

Love your comments, Diana!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should also write a book called Perfectionism Paralyzes. Or maybe a poem or a song. It is just a nice sounding phrase.

Good luck with the book! I hope to read it someday. (ps I also put a comment on a past post, the one with the pictures from lone star. I had gotten behind on reading your blog)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the comments, Laura. Here and on that other post.
I've finally had comments 'emailed' to me... so I don't miss one!!

Love your blog, by the way.
It's delightful.

Being Beth said...

I tell my friends the first time they come over "I cleaned the house for you this time, so you know I can clean. Don't expect it next time -- you have to take things as they are. We live here, and life is messy, dusty, crunchy, and sometimes piled up on the couch. You might not want to eat off the kitchen floor, but I probably won't ask you to, so come on in and make be at home.

I remember LONG ago you making a comment about someone showing your their son's filthy room without making a single excuse. I've tried to adopt that balance in my own life.

One more thing, your house and car are always comfortable and welcoming.

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