Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I was going to settle down...

... with blog backgrounds... but my compulsive self can't resist changing it up today.

... especially with this rain we're getting.

It's pouring out there.
Our swimming pool is going to start overflowing any minute.

I could stay home from playing in the tea room.... but I'm in the mood for "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head", and all the other rain songs.

('Course I could play them here at the house. .... Hmm...)
[Update: stayed home.]

Since it's Wednesday... here's some Wednesday Whimsy from Lone Star...

And here are the most wonderful whimsical young ladies...(That's Abby, Lauren, Lauren and Allyson. They will serve you with delight (when they're not in class.))

And of course, here are Janlyn and Laura. Laura doesn't work there anymore... but she likes to come visit...
I just adore all of those gals.

Oh, don't forget... take my poll (upper right side).

[I know.
You're thinking about buying that "No Floozies in the Jacuzzi" sign.]
[You better get it while it's hot!]


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Good for you for staying home! I wanted to. THis rain is not fun to drive in... but it's great to sleep in! Alas, duty calls.


The background is apropos, too.

Being Beth said...

I'm glad you change backgrounds. That way I don't have to on mine -- we balance one another out. LOL! Love the whimsical photo's -- especially that sewing machine. I want that.

I put out a bucket Monday and it's now overflowing -- that means we've gotten at least 9 inches. But, I know we've gotten more, because it was at the top last night, and it's been pouring all day. Wow -- that's a LOT of water.

Anonymous said...

your background IS appropriate for rainy weather--its watercolor!

and i actually WAS thinking about how that jacuzzi sign would be cute in our bathroom . . .

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