Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lessons at ROSS...

Tuesday is my day at ROSS DRESS FOR LESS.
I don't go to ROSS often, but when I go it's on TUESDAY.

It's the day that everything is 10% off for people over 55.

I just have one suggestion: the salespeople should ask for ID.
It would make me feel more youthful if they questioned my age.
But they never do.

At least they could ask, "Ma'am, are you sure you're eligible for our discount?"

That would be great public relations, don't you think?
That makes me think of other things people should say... or not say.

The obvious:
People should say "Please." and "Thank you."

Still obvious:
People should NOT ask any lady: "When is your baby due?"

And do NOT ask anything about their grandchildren, unless they've told you they HAVE grandchildren.

When my kids were 3 and 5 (and I was 37-ish) I had a picture of them with Santa on my key chain.
A sales clerk asked if those were my grandchildren.
"No, they're my children... "
I was numb... after that question.

I've had other similar questions.... and I have tried to detach from them.

So I'm just saying: Don't assume someone is old. Always guess WAY younger.
So that's my rant today.
Here's other news...

TITANIC won my recent movie poll.
I liked that movie but I didn't vote for it.
First runner-up on the poll was the HOLY GRAIL movie - which I voted for. That is a funny - and quirky - movie - that got me out of my box.
(I remember watching it with my eyebrows scrunched and my eyes rolling...)

I put DOCTOR ZHIVAGO on the poll because I knew someone who would vote for it. .. and she did! (Thanks, Mother.)

I think I know who voted for the GODFATHER movies.

Speaking of movies makes me think of TV.
Last night I watched with my mom the first "Dancing with the Stars" show of the season.

I usually don't watch that show but when I do I ALWAYS THINK: those people are way too sensual for primetime!

I can imagine my little grandmother's reaction if she were alive today to see that. !!!!

Anyway, I guess if I were to vote I would vote for Florence Henderson (though I was out of the room when she performed). I have always liked her.
[This post goes to show you that when I'm in the mood to blog I do it even if there's not much news to report.]

(Well, really there is...... )
In closing, here is a quote that I LOVE:
"The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us; just as the roof of a sunhouse does not attract the sun because it is bright, but becomes bright because the sun shines on it."
- C. S. Lewis


Being Beth said...

OH gosh, I actually DID ask one of my kids teachers when her baby was due. She looked about six months pregnant, and had on a billowy knit top and I hadn't seen her for a year. She smiled sweetly and said, "It's not a baby. It's just plain old fat."


I'll NEVER, EVER, EVER ask that question again until the woman TELLS me she's pregnant.

I never go to Ross. I tried it a few times and never found anything, didn't enjoy the experience. Perhaps I need to go with a pro. Naaah, I think I'll stick with Nordstroms. LOL!

Good post!

OH, and on your last poll, I chose Holy Grail too - l didn't think YOU would have chosen that one. I still quote that movie.

Nancy said...

Ha. That's funny, Beth, about asking that teacher about her baby. Ha.

And going to Ross IS challenging. I mean, all the clothes are bunched together... and well, I have to use my imagination as to how they will look with what I've got.
One thing, though: I HAVE bought some stuff in their home decor department and have sold it in my booth. Yeah!

Susan said...

Beth, my dear, you must go to Ross with a pro. I will go with both you and Nancy. I am at this moment wearing a top that I bought there for $12 that I adore. (for Ross it was a bit pricey :P )It also depends on the Ross. Also, it is the thrill of the hunt and being able to say..."oh, I paid $6 for this top and I love it." Have done the same at Macy's 75% off sale. We must do it some time gals!

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