Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paris Hilton...

... needs to read HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie.

More people did NOT want her to show up on their deserted island than they did not want Glenn Beck, Joe Biden and Larry King to show up. (I hope that made sense.)
(I'm talking about my last poll.)

I won't tell you how I voted.

Though I'm tempted.

I just know that some of my blogreaders actually like who I voted off the island.

Yes, I'm a Republican.... but I just can't stand that Beck guy. (Sorry.)

From now on I won't get political.

Now I need to 'fess up.

... I took a little trip late yesterday. My husband encouraged it... and even got my hotel reservation.

It was a whim of a decision.
A whim of a trip.

Mother and I went to the antique mall yesterday, where I played in the tea room, and she worked in our booth, and shopped around.

When I got home from our fun time I said to Sam, "Geez... we should have gone to Canton Trades Day. The weather is so nice... and usually Labor Day weekend has horrifically hot weather in Canton."

Then Sam looked at me, with his head tilted just so... and his eyes rolling a bit.

And I looked at him, reading his mind.

"Go, Nancy!", he said (though he didn't have to say it).

Then he got online and found me a room in Terrell. (We knew Canton rooms would all be taken - plus triple the cost on Trades Day weekends.)

Soooooooo.... I hurriedly packed, left... and got into Terrell about 5 PM.

I enjoyed my evening.
I just relaxed.
Read some recent Newsweeks.
Looked at blogs and Facebook.
Ate an original Schlotzky's sandwich.
Watched some TV...
And went to bed...
...excited about getting into Canton the next morning for some Sunday shopping. (Usually there are LOTS of sales on Sunday.)

Well, I don't know what happened exactly.

I usually LOVE solitude... and shopping by myself... and eating junk food at the world's largest flea market.

Somehow I just wasn't into it.

Nothing appealed to me.

The only money I spent was for parking.. and for food... and was disappointed in the food. (I got a pretty good parking space, though.)

So I came home.

Next time I'll not go on Sunday.


(And I'm taking you next time, Mother!)


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Take it please!


Maria said...

You are very brave to venture out alone, Nancy. I'm proud of you for not buying anything! Sometimes it just makes sense. I think you would like a Paris day trip with me! ;-)

Being Beth said...

Maybe the purpose of the trip wasn't about Sunday and buying things and junk food. Maybe, just maybe, it was about the solitude on Saturday night, which sounds like it was just what you needed.

Anonymous said...

Take me next time!!!

Deanna said...

Oops . . . I forgot to put my name - you probably wouldn't entertain the idea of taking "Anonymous" anywhere with you :-D


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