Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday night...

It has been a busy-busy day - in a busy-busy week.

So I'm just here relaxing... and thinking some random thoughts on this Saturday night...

Random thoughts like these:

Counting Crows' song "Round Here" is a tune you could use if you ever wanted to put me through torture.
I know. I'm getting older. .... I guess that explains why I just don't 'get' the appeal of that group, that voice... and that song. I guess it's all supposed to be profound or something.
(I had my XM radio on the other day... and that song came on.... and I began flinching... thinking, does that fella think he has talent?)

I know.
I'm acting like my dad did when the song "Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?" came on the radio decades ago. It just repeated on and on with those same words ... and Peggy and I liked it.

Daddy just shook his head.

Now I'm shaking mine.

On a different note, Baylor played TCU today. I know the score because I looked at the Star Telegram website, and there the final score was. Sam has taped the game and will watch it when he comes home from the Saturday night church services in a little bit. (I'm keeping my mouth shut.)

Me, I've been playing "Rocky Top" in the tea room every Saturday ... to show my support for the University of Tennessee.
When you make friends, like I've made with Janlyn (Hi, Janlyn), you learn to support their favorite teams.
(I play "Rocky Top" at least twice every Saturday.) (Go Volunteers!)

(Note to self: I should be playing "That Good Ole Baylor Line".)

On a different note, I've been reading a wonderful devotional book every morning. It's CHRISTIAN MATURITY by E. Stanley Jones.

It is so good.

I wanted to show you a picture of the book, but I can't find a picture online.
There are pictures of his other books, ABUNDANT LIVING, THE CHRIST OF THE INDIAN ROAD, and others, but not this one.

My copy (that I ordered from Amazon years ago) was used... and the cover has fallen off. ....

It is so good, though... and would be worth a search to find it.

(You can tell by his picture that E. Stanley Jones is (was) no spring chicken. He died in 1973.)

I can't remember where I heard about him first, but I'm so glad I did.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Oh, take my newest poll if you haven't already.

(I'm not too pleased with this particular poll - but my next one will be better.)

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