Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wandom Wednesday (that's Random with a W)....

I've tried something new this week.
A little gem of a treat....

It's really good on toast.

Certain friends had recommended it and so I had to check it out.


In totally different news:
I was rather alarmed when I saw a sign on Bedford Euless Road today. Actually I saw it when I was on 820 right there at 183/121. This was it...
(I did not take this picture- I got it online... just to verify what I had seen.)
Is it just me, or do you, blog reader, also think this is a bad name for a bar and lounge?
I guess it's calling a spade a spade? ...Hmm?

In still totally diffferent news, I'm going to decorate the wedding tree this evening. I'll put up hearts, and lovebirds, and pictures of Will and Bailey when they were little... and I will take pictures of those pictures and show you SOON!!!!!

It's exciting around here!!!!

Oh, did I tell you that little Caroline and little Andrew (my sweet late twin's sweet grandchildren) are going to be the only attendants at the wedding?
How fun will that be?!!

Here I am with them about 3 months ago...
I think it's hard to get much cuter than they are.
(Objectively speaking, of course.)


Susan said...

cute pic! glad you liked my blog!

Being Beth said...

That Relapse place sounds like an opium den -- in Bedford??? I guess I don't get out of the house enough.

I LOVE your tree that you decorate for all occasions. I think it's so unique and a wonderful use of all those old photo's that stay hidden in boxes.

My kids used to like Nutella. I never got into it that much, but then I'm a purist -- vanilla ice cream, buttered toast.

I agree about Caroline and Andrew -- those are to adorable kiddo's.

arg said...

I think its an awful name for a bar and I'll be interested to hear how long it lasts.

I, also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your "occasion" tree. I've often looked at the pictures of it you post and think "What a fabulous idea.. And I (whiny voice) want to have a tree decorated for meeeeee". Silly, right?
But I can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

nutella is so yummy! i agree. I really like it in crepes. and its good on bananas. and just a plain spoonful is nice too.

excited to see the tree!

Doodle Daily said...

I love Nutella too. Perfect on toast or rye or anything.... it's a treat. so glad you like my doodle blog. I have so much fun with it. remember I am fresh and new everyday.
Nice to have you on board.


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