Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big night last night!!!

Texas Rangers won!

Baylor beat Texas in Austin!

And Will and Bailey got MARRIED!

The wedding was fantastically fantastic, if you ask me.

For now here are some pics of the rehearsal day and night...

First the day.....

In this next picture, they're checking out the long microphone that is hidden (though you can see it) in the bush to the right...

Then the night (just the rehearsal - unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the rehearsal dinner)...
(These pictures are shown in the order they were taken.)

Precious, huh?

(Posting actual wedding pics may take a while... till they're ready.)

For now.... Sam and I have a wonderful son-in-law... and a wonderful daughter-in-law... and, of course, wonderful Will and Laura.

On a totally different note - since it's Halloween I'll close with this picture sent to me by Delta....(Thanks, Delta!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's time!

I won't tell you every detail of my entire life (well, not EVERY detail)... but I will say this: I'm excited... that the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are tonight... which means the wedding is tomorrow.!!!

That's all for now.

(I put a new poll up.)

(I put a post up last night, too... just below this one. It's titled "Tinkerbell".)

(I need to get my excitement under control.)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


... tied with "I hate Halloween" (in my latest poll).

Wow. I was surprised.

Me, I voted for "Nancy Pelosi".

I would wear a wig and I would smile and make my eyes wide open.
(Really, I think she looks kind of classy.)

In other news, we're READY.

Let's get this weekend GOING!!

It is so exciting... having the wedding here.
It is VERY special.

And I love this couple...

They're so good together.

Life is good.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wandom...

...that's Random with a 'W'.

The wedding prep is coming along. I get in a tizzy over little things (as evidenced by yesterday's silly post (well, the pictures weren't silly))... but I am trying to cut myself some slack - seeing as this weekend is MAJOR.

It so helps when I surrender the details over to God. I do believe He is in the details.... I just need to be reminded of that.

On a completely different note...
Here are two pictures I took last week in Oklahoma of some of my most absolute favorite people ...That's Steve with little Mac.

And here is Lorie with little Sawyer.

Aren't they the cutest little boys?
Oh, and did you know that Mac is Sawyer's uncle?
(Life is so interesting.)
(If you don't know who these people are - and you want to - contact me and I'll tell you.)
On yet a different note, today is my cousin Carol's birthday. She's the cousin who's doing the 3 day 60 mile walk for breast cancer weekend after this. I'm eleven years older than she. I can remember when she was born! She had three older brothers... and the whole family was excited she was a girl!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAROL!!!
(You're another one of my most absolute favorite people.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tizzy...

If there's one thing I know how to do it's get in a tizzy.

Today was going along fine.
I left the house early - since Sam had a meeting here at the house with some fellows - and went to eat a leisurely breakfast at CORNER BAKERY in Southlake. (They have a new french toast there that is so worth the calories.)

Then I went to play in the tea room (my last day to play this week because of the wedding). Two sets of dear friends came in - whom I loved seeing. (Pictures down below.)
Afterwards I went to Garden Ridge to see about getting some hurricane lamps for the rehearsal dinner.

They didn't have what I wanted (smaller ones than we used for Laura's wedding.)


They so had them in June.

They had something else... and then something ELSE ...

I just froze.

I couldn't decide.

I thought about taking pictures on my iPhone and sending them to Laura, my artistic daughter - who knows how to 'DO'.

Then I didn't know how to do that (take pictures and send them - and write her a text, etc.)

Anyway, in about 15 minutes I got a hold of myself ... AND MADE A DECISION.

(Actually I sensed God 'saying' something like, "Good heavens, Nancy. Get a grip.")

Then the tizziness left!!

I say all that to say that sometimes I make mountains out of molehills.

(Blogs are for confessions, right?)

On a different note here's who came into the tea room today! YAY!...

That's Beth, and her childhood friend, Jan, from Colorado.

And here are the Travis ladies...

That's Whitney, whose baby is due November 8th (Pat's birthday!), and mother Cheryl, and Jenny with one year old Levi.

Here's Levi getting ready to walk to me!!(Sorry that's a fuzzy picture.)

If you are a pray-er, please pray for precious Jenny. Her multiple sclerosis symptoms have returned with a vengeance. (That - with having a one-year-old - makes life difficult.)


On a different note, my polls have been getting lots of voters (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!).

It seems I have more 'Conservative Republicans' taking my polls - than Moderate Republicans, any kind of Democrat or Libertarian - or 'none of the above'.

Me - I actually voted for Moderate Republican... though, truth be told I'm really a Conservative Republican.

I just don't like (can hardly stand) Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and even Sarah Palin (she's too shrill and perky for me).

Anyway, I appreciate all the votes.

I put up a poll yesterday afternoon.... If you haven't voted... PLEASE DO. THANKS!

Monday, October 25, 2010


... begins... for Bailey and Will's wedding this Saturday.

Here Bailey and I are about a year and a half ago...
We've always had a wonderful friendship... and soon we'll be related... so that's beyond wonderful.

She and Will are just having two attendants.
One of them had practice in Laura's wedding in June...

This Saturday she'll be joined by her little brother, who will be the ring bearer.... Andrew says he's not just the 'Ring Bear', he's the 'Polar Bear'!!

It's gonna be fun!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Day!

Today, my mother gave Bailey a bridal luncheon at the Lone Star Antique Mall tea room... (That bright light in the mirror is the flash from my camera, wouldn't ya know.)

Here are the luncheon ladies...(from left, Elizabeth (whose two children will be the only attendants at the wedding - we're praying her third child will come AFTER the wedding), Mother, Bailey's grandmother, Pat; Bailey's mother, Robin; Bailey's sister, Jessica; Bailey's sister, Shea with little Camryn; Bailey, Laura, and I'm behind the camera.

Here's Bailey's oldest sister, Shea, with her precious Camryn...
And here are the future 'sisters', Bailey and Laura...

It was a fun time... but a severe weather warning (that came to us from Elizabeth's father-in-law via cell phone) cut the party a little short.

Everyone left, but Mother and me.
Mother had to pay out, and that took some time.

So much time that the rain started pouring.

So what are two ladies to do in an antique mall when it's pouring outside and they can't get to their car without getting soaked?

Answer: THEY SHOP!!

Little did Mother know that I would capture her shopping experience for my blog...

I guess I should get people to sign a release... that they let me use their pictures on my blog.

Next time, Mother, okay?

(Thanks for praying for her, everybody. She's feeling better, as you can tell!)

On a different note... everyone is happy around here...

... because the TEXAS RANGERS are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!


My friend, Deanna, put this on Facebook... and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it, too....(If you don't get it, you're not from around here.)

[Check out my poll I put up yesterday. (upper right)]

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I didn't grow up....

... with this kind of tree...
but with this kind...... so I didn't vote for 'leaves turning' in my last poll.
I voted for Thanksgiving (like you, Myra!).

But 'leaves turning' won .... first runner-up was Thanksgiving. Then came 'sweaters', then came 'football', and lastly 'Halloween'.
(I was surprised.)
On a different note, my dear friend, Beth, on her blog (click HERE for that) asked her readers to tell of their 'funnest' times of their lives.
It was so fun to think about....
... I ended up telling about deciding at 43 years of age that roller coaster riding was something I could do. ... and I did... and had FUN. .... SO FUN. (I would lie in bed (at 43) and relive riding in the front seat of the Texas Giant at SIX FLAGS..... Mmm.... Funnnnnnnnnnn!)
On a different note, my son is getting married in less than a week and a half.

I was in a Bible study group tonight and we talked about times we were lost - and how that felt. I thought about a time I felt lost - once... but then all I could think of was when Will was 2 and he and I were in the Wichita Falls mall and I looked around (I was in DILLARDS) and he was gone. I started yelling, "Will!! Will!! Where are you, Will??!!" I was frantic. FRANTIC. I was yelling - not caring that I was yelling - in front of all those strangers. It was the worst feeling a mother (or person) could have. [Turns out he was headed out in the mall to ride on a little ride he'd seen with a horse or something..... I found him.... and was NEVER so happy in my life.]

I say all that to say ... he's getting married soon.
And I love him.

I love him so.


Thank you, Lord.

(I guess he will always be my little boy?!)

Trivia Tuesday

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