Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big night last night!!!

Texas Rangers won!

Baylor beat Texas in Austin!

And Will and Bailey got MARRIED!

The wedding was fantastically fantastic, if you ask me.

For now here are some pics of the rehearsal day and night...

First the day.....

In this next picture, they're checking out the long microphone that is hidden (though you can see it) in the bush to the right...

Then the night (just the rehearsal - unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the rehearsal dinner)...
(These pictures are shown in the order they were taken.)

Precious, huh?

(Posting actual wedding pics may take a while... till they're ready.)

For now.... Sam and I have a wonderful son-in-law... and a wonderful daughter-in-law... and, of course, wonderful Will and Laura.

On a totally different note - since it's Halloween I'll close with this picture sent to me by Delta....(Thanks, Delta!)


Laura said...

Yes! It was all a fun time! Can't wait to see the pictures and the video

Sara Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see more pictures! These are unbelievably happy pictures. :) Congrats again! Now breathe and take a few days to yourself. ;)