Monday, October 25, 2010


... begins... for Bailey and Will's wedding this Saturday.

Here Bailey and I are about a year and a half ago...
We've always had a wonderful friendship... and soon we'll be related... so that's beyond wonderful.

She and Will are just having two attendants.
One of them had practice in Laura's wedding in June...

This Saturday she'll be joined by her little brother, who will be the ring bearer.... Andrew says he's not just the 'Ring Bear', he's the 'Polar Bear'!!

It's gonna be fun!


Being Beth said...

I LOVE that Polar Bear thing. What precious precious children.

And what a wonderful week culminating with Will and Bailey's wedding.

Such happiness!

Sara Elizabeth said...

LOVE those pictures... especially the one with you in the background smiling at Caroline. So, so, so sweet. LOVE.

Happy wedding week! (how many times can I say that? :) )

Allison L said...

nancy i just read your poll! and i am actually going to be tinkerbell for halloween! how funny! and im SO glad you came by tonight!