Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dogs are winning (won- past tense now)...

... I thought they'd win (in my poll), but not by as much as they did.

I voted for dog - over cat, fish and bird - as to which I think makes the better pet, but that's because I don't really know a cat very well. We had one for a while - Ramses (Laura's cat) - then Sam developed a major allergy to him, so now Sophie (whom many of you know) now owns him... and takes good care of him. (Sophie takes good care of everything and everybody, as you may know.)
Thanks, Soph!

Ah, but we do have a NEW grandcat now...His name is Scobi.

And last week he got a brand new brother....His name is Akon.

I met both of them Thursday.

We all bonded right away.

Well, Scobi was a little more aloof, of course.

There is not an aloof bone in Akon's body.

Here are their 'parents'....(Ryan and Laura)

They've done research on how to introduce a dog to a cat ... so it's working so far.

There has been some barking and hissing... but it's okay.

Oh, and neither dog nor cat has noticed his fish siblings...That's Andrew checking on Regina (we fish-sat last summer).
I already had grandcats as you may know....

Will has 2 cats.
Here's Pretzel...

And here's Tambourine...

They're going to have a new 'mother' soon... as Will and Bailey are getting married in less than two weeks....
Without a doubt Bailey voted for 'CAT' as to her favorite pet... so Pretzel and Tambourine will be in good hands.

As for me, my favorite animal now is this guy...He's won my heart.
He'll have to be in the kennel during the wedding...
... unless we can think of a way to make him part of the wedding party.



Oh, here's a major disclaimer.... my mother is out of the hospital now (this afternoon) but it is NOT because she doesn't have blood clots. Those blood clots will not 'dissolve' until maybe 6 more months. Keep praying for her! ... Thanks.
(I was thinking somehow that those clots would be gone in a jif. Or jiff. Or jiffy. Rats.)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Praying for her -- please keep us posted on her progress! Very scary!

I am a dog person. We had cats, but dogs are more my style. I mean, look at your puppy dog... how can you not love him?


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