Thursday, October 14, 2010

First, let me tell you... dear mom has been in the hospital. She's had quite a problem with breathlessness lately...and it turns out she has blood clots in her lungs! She also has one in her ankle. Anyway, she is getting some major blood thinners now (though she was already on one) and will not be released from the hospital until she has no blood clots.
So pray for her, please. Thank you.
Here's a picture of her last year... at a Russian gift shop/cafe in Arlington. She and I took a trip together to Russia the summer before 9/11... and so we wanted to check out the little shop and cafe (which was very nice).

On a different note... Thursday nights find us in Keller where Sam is leading a small group on the book THE GOD QUESTIONS (Exploring Life's Great Questions About God) by Hal Seed & Dan Grider.

At first I thought the book was kind of simple. Then I found out that it's NOT.

I'd definitely recommend it.

On a completely totally different note 'Write a book' won in my last poll - on "Which would you rather do?" I was so surprised. First runner-up was 'scuba dive'. Then came 'perform in a comedy club'. Last place were 'refurnish furniture' and 'sky dive' (they tied).
Me - I actually voted for 'perform in a comedy club'. I think that would be fun....
'course I would have to get a bunch of jokes, and maybe pay some people to laugh out loud, but I think it would be fun...
I'd be curious to know how some of you voted.... hmmm???


Susan said...

give your mom our love!

Bobbie said...

So sorry about your beautiful Mom. Will be praying for you both - you have a wedding to plan after all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs and good wishes to your Mom!!

Laura said...

Thats a great picture of Grandmother. Glad Ryan and I could hang out with her a little today (and you!)


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