Thursday, October 21, 2010

I didn't grow up....

... with this kind of tree...
but with this kind...... so I didn't vote for 'leaves turning' in my last poll.
I voted for Thanksgiving (like you, Myra!).

But 'leaves turning' won .... first runner-up was Thanksgiving. Then came 'sweaters', then came 'football', and lastly 'Halloween'.
(I was surprised.)
On a different note, my dear friend, Beth, on her blog (click HERE for that) asked her readers to tell of their 'funnest' times of their lives.
It was so fun to think about....
... I ended up telling about deciding at 43 years of age that roller coaster riding was something I could do. ... and I did... and had FUN. .... SO FUN. (I would lie in bed (at 43) and relive riding in the front seat of the Texas Giant at SIX FLAGS..... Mmm.... Funnnnnnnnnnn!)
On a different note, my son is getting married in less than a week and a half.

I was in a Bible study group tonight and we talked about times we were lost - and how that felt. I thought about a time I felt lost - once... but then all I could think of was when Will was 2 and he and I were in the Wichita Falls mall and I looked around (I was in DILLARDS) and he was gone. I started yelling, "Will!! Will!! Where are you, Will??!!" I was frantic. FRANTIC. I was yelling - not caring that I was yelling - in front of all those strangers. It was the worst feeling a mother (or person) could have. [Turns out he was headed out in the mall to ride on a little ride he'd seen with a horse or something..... I found him.... and was NEVER so happy in my life.]

I say all that to say ... he's getting married soon.
And I love him.

I love him so.


Thank you, Lord.

(I guess he will always be my little boy?!)


Being Beth said...

OH gosh, I lost Meredith in the mall -- terrifying, and I to was yelling for her and she was yelling for me. She topped to look at something and I didn't realize it and walked away from her. I think she was two or three.

I remember getting lost from my folks in a big grocery store when I was four -- I couldn't find them, and was just terrified.

I love your polls. They're fun and so interesting.

And I too love Will and Bailey Jo. I'm SO happy for them. And, yes, I think he'll always be your little boy..mine are.
Sweet post.

Bobbie said...

I soooooo would love to see those beautiful palm-tree lined country roads we grew up with. Remember how beautiful Shary Road was. It's hard to "give up" our boys, but believe me, you'll always have an extra special place in his heart.

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