Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love these pictures!

I was with little Caroline Monday when I saw these pictures that her mom had taken.

When I saw this next one, I said to Caroline, "This picture looks as if you are really thinking about something. What were you thinking about in this picture?"She said seriously, "I was thinking about princesses."

And then I wanted to know what she thought Andrew was thinking about in this next picture...
Without hesitation Caroline said, "He was thinking about ponies."

I think that is so precious!!

[Just so you know, these darling children are my (late) twin's grandchildren.
Peggy (my twin) is not here for them (she died in 1989)... but I am so glad that I can be.]
(I said that because I have some new blog-readers.)

By the way, I'll be posting a special post soon about breast cancer.... and how my cousin Carol is walking the walk against it. (She'll be wearing Peggy's picture.)


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. And so are the subjects!


Nancy said...

Thanks, Carisa.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, precious pictures. And Caroline is so funny!

Anonymous said...

They are such precious children...Peggy would be so proud of them and so happy that you are so close to them. And Elizabeth is a great photographer. Andrew definitely looks like he is thinking about ponies.


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