Monday, October 18, 2010

Meetin' with the Preacher...

Here are Will and Bailey meeting with the wedding minister, who happens to be Will's father, and my husband, Sam.

(I can hardly believe the wedding is in less than two weeks!)

That's our Monday night supper tonight.

Speaking of, Monday night suppers have changed. If you haven't been invited it's because I've gotten control of my life... and made them smaller... and not as often... and ... well, everything changes. Monday nights just had to, too.
(No offense.)

On a different but similar note, I've found a great new place to eat.


No, it doesn't have the word 'witch' in it. When I'd first heard about it, I thought, oh dear... then I saw it... (It's like 'Which Sandwich?')

I ate there by myself recently and savored every minute. Mmm.

I'd highly recommend it.


Our Life Group the other night - during prayer request time - talked about Ranger Josh Hamilton and how he struggles with addiction to alcohol. We prayed for him.
(We knew he needed prayer.)

(Well, we all need it.)


arg said...

I think your "multi-thought" posts are my favorite! And this poll isn't fair! I want to vote for ALL of the choices!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love Which Wich, too. The chicken pesto is my FAVOURITE! So much better than Subway. :)

Rachael Anne said...

Hi Nancy!

I want to tell you how much I like your blog...I read every post! You have such funny, insightful things to say, and its just so fun!

I voted on this poll, but I agree, it was really hard! But since I live in New England and the fall colors are simply stunning, I chose the leaves changing as my favorite. But sweaters follow a close second!

Myra J said...

Well, I picked Thanksgiving cause, if you remember, the leaves don't turn here, they die and fall, football?? eh, sweaters don't get worn much either but Thanksgiving is yummy no matter what the weather!

Nancy said...

Thanks for those wonderful comments, arg, Sara, Rachael and Myra!

(Myra, I thought: "my Valley folk won't understand 'leaves turning'"... HA!!)

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