Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Monday...

It's taken me a while to get with the program today.

You know how it is...
When you're in a good mood everything is beautiful.
When you're not, nothing is.

Not even a gorgeous day.

And you don't want to do anything.

And you have a long list of things to do.

And time waits for no man. ... or woman.


I know... I'm usually upbeat.... maybe too perky even.

I say all that to say that I'm feeling BETTER now!!!

Nothing like a good walk in the park. Parr Park, to be exact.

Yes, I live a glorious life... one that allows me to take a walk if I want to.... yes.


Oh, and did you know that in less that 3 weeks this will be transformed into an outdoor wedding chapel!!!.....
Yep. That's our back 'yard'!!

Excitement is building!!!!!!!!!!!

On a different note, SEINFELD beat out AMERICAN IDOL, DANCING WITH THE STARS and SURVIVOR - in my last poll. (I voted for SEINFELD.)

In the poll before that the Beatles beat out Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and seems like there was someone else. (When I delete a poll - it is GONE.) Anyway, on that one people could vote for more than one. Me- I just voted for one - The Beatles.

So I've put another poll up.... (upper right-hand side).
Feel free to get your friends and family members to take my poll. Oh yes.

(You can tell I'm in a good mood now.)


Anonymous said...

I would rather write a book about my scuba diving adventures. Or maybe sky dive into the ocean where I would scuba dive and THEN write a book about THAT.

Glad you are in a better mood. Parr Park is a great park.

And yay october 30th!

Being Beth said...

Do you think up these polls yourself? They are always so deliciously random! I didn't answer this one the way you'd think. I guess because I've already done a couple of those items, and they're not the thrill I thought they'd be.

I'm glad you took a walk in the park - nothing lifts my mood and gives my personality a facelift as much as being outside in nature.

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