Friday, October 1, 2010


I think this has been the most gorgeous week of weather in my life.

And now it's October... and Friday...and a day off with my hubby!

I don't think life gets much better.
Wednesday I took precious Peggy Johnson to lunch for her birthday... and we ate outside at Anejo's. It was GREAT (the food AND the patio experience).
Peggy is the dearest person. And let me tell you who she is: she is a chaplain at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth and her emphasis is working with the children with cancer. I cannot even begin to imagine having that job... but God knew what he was doing when he led her there. That place is so blessed to have her.
And I'm blessed to have her in my life... we've known each other for 39 years! And in a special way she helps fill my 'Peggy-gap' (my twin, Peggy, died in 1989).

Yesterday I was in the tea room, but I wasn't playing... I was eating! ... with the Fellowship of the Parks staff wives (well, not all of them could make it).

(from left, Caroline, Marlo, Jenny, Vonda, Kim, Jennifer, me.)
(Oh, little Sawyer was there, too!)

We had a good time together... and ate some yummy food.
(I ordered the Sampler. Oh my. Yum.)

I forgot to tell you about last Saturday night...
We met Laura, Ryan, Vicki, Jerry and Victoria (Ryan's parents and sister) at Fuzzy's Tacos in Denton then we went to see THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST which was put on by the Denton Community Theater. Heidi Lewis (dear friend of L&R, and their 'day-of-wedding coordinator) played Cecily, and she was fantastic!!!That was a great evening.

Oh, this being October means it's WEDDING MONTH!!!!!
Here's a sweet picture of the bride and groom...They're having a small wedding at our house!!
Not everyone is invited... but everyone who reads my blog will get a chance to 'see it'.

Wow. When I started writing this post I thought, "Well, there's not much to say."
I guess there was!

Life is fun.


Being Beth said...

Life IS fun!!! Great post.

Laura said...

The weather has been so gorgeous. Glad you've had such a fun week! You get to end it by hanging out with me this afternoon :)

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