Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Day!

Today, my mother gave Bailey a bridal luncheon at the Lone Star Antique Mall tea room... (That bright light in the mirror is the flash from my camera, wouldn't ya know.)

Here are the luncheon ladies...(from left, Elizabeth (whose two children will be the only attendants at the wedding - we're praying her third child will come AFTER the wedding), Mother, Bailey's grandmother, Pat; Bailey's mother, Robin; Bailey's sister, Jessica; Bailey's sister, Shea with little Camryn; Bailey, Laura, and I'm behind the camera.

Here's Bailey's oldest sister, Shea, with her precious Camryn...
And here are the future 'sisters', Bailey and Laura...

It was a fun time... but a severe weather warning (that came to us from Elizabeth's father-in-law via cell phone) cut the party a little short.

Everyone left, but Mother and me.
Mother had to pay out, and that took some time.

So much time that the rain started pouring.

So what are two ladies to do in an antique mall when it's pouring outside and they can't get to their car without getting soaked?

Answer: THEY SHOP!!

Little did Mother know that I would capture her shopping experience for my blog...

I guess I should get people to sign a release... that they let me use their pictures on my blog.

Next time, Mother, okay?

(Thanks for praying for her, everybody. She's feeling better, as you can tell!)

On a different note... everyone is happy around here...

... because the TEXAS RANGERS are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!


My friend, Deanna, put this on Facebook... and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it, too....(If you don't get it, you're not from around here.)

[Check out my poll I put up yesterday. (upper right)]


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a good luncheon!

Excited about next week!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

How sweet -- looks like a great time! Too bad the weather is getting so nasty this weekend. Never experienced it in October...

Congrats for the millionth time on your family excitement. :)

Being Beth said...

What a lovely luncheon!!! I'm glad to see your mom up and around and looking like her same beautiful self again.

Favorite photo of the day? The shot of Bailey Jo and Laura -- sisters!!! That's pretty neat for both of them!

Marian Adrian said...

Beautiful Luncheon! Looks like fun!

Linh said...

You failed to mention that Baylor is bowl bound since 1993! Whoot Whoot!

Nancy said...

You're right, Linh!!

Sic'Em Bears!!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Bailey, you look absolutely beautiful!

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