Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tizzy...

If there's one thing I know how to do it's get in a tizzy.

Today was going along fine.
I left the house early - since Sam had a meeting here at the house with some fellows - and went to eat a leisurely breakfast at CORNER BAKERY in Southlake. (They have a new french toast there that is so worth the calories.)

Then I went to play in the tea room (my last day to play this week because of the wedding). Two sets of dear friends came in - whom I loved seeing. (Pictures down below.)
Afterwards I went to Garden Ridge to see about getting some hurricane lamps for the rehearsal dinner.

They didn't have what I wanted (smaller ones than we used for Laura's wedding.)


They so had them in June.

They had something else... and then something ELSE ...

I just froze.

I couldn't decide.

I thought about taking pictures on my iPhone and sending them to Laura, my artistic daughter - who knows how to 'DO'.

Then I didn't know how to do that (take pictures and send them - and write her a text, etc.)

Anyway, in about 15 minutes I got a hold of myself ... AND MADE A DECISION.

(Actually I sensed God 'saying' something like, "Good heavens, Nancy. Get a grip.")

Then the tizziness left!!

I say all that to say that sometimes I make mountains out of molehills.

(Blogs are for confessions, right?)

On a different note here's who came into the tea room today! YAY!...

That's Beth, and her childhood friend, Jan, from Colorado.

And here are the Travis ladies...

That's Whitney, whose baby is due November 8th (Pat's birthday!), and mother Cheryl, and Jenny with one year old Levi.

Here's Levi getting ready to walk to me!!(Sorry that's a fuzzy picture.)

If you are a pray-er, please pray for precious Jenny. Her multiple sclerosis symptoms have returned with a vengeance. (That - with having a one-year-old - makes life difficult.)


On a different note, my polls have been getting lots of voters (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!).

It seems I have more 'Conservative Republicans' taking my polls - than Moderate Republicans, any kind of Democrat or Libertarian - or 'none of the above'.

Me - I actually voted for Moderate Republican... though, truth be told I'm really a Conservative Republican.

I just don't like (can hardly stand) Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and even Sarah Palin (she's too shrill and perky for me).

Anyway, I appreciate all the votes.

I put up a poll yesterday afternoon.... If you haven't voted... PLEASE DO. THANKS!


Being Beth said...

I get myself worked up into tizzies too -- and it seems that it always ends up working out just fine, but still I tiz away. LOL!!!

Glad you figured out what you needed and took care of the hurricane lamp decision.

I'm SO glad you got to meet Jan. She's a great gal and was really thrilled with your CD's. Also thanks for posting the photo -- I stole it for my own file, figured that was okay with you.

We both enjoyed seeing little Levi walking to you -- what a cute little boy. And I've added Jenny to my prayer list. What a difficult thing to have to deal with.

I'll be praying for you and all the wedding activities, and praying many blessings on Will and Bailey as they start their marriage together. What a happy week!!!!

Love you,

Beth ♥♥♥

Nancy said...

Thanks so much, Beth.

It was GREAT seeing you and Jan.
I know it was no small trip to pick her up at the Marriott north of DFW Airport - then coming to the tea room.... ...but so glad you came.

Love you.


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