Friday, October 15, 2010

Wonderful and Complicated....

I just read a short little article by Jim Wallis entitled "Wonderful and Complicated". (Click HERE for it.)
It's about how marriage is wonderful and complicated.

My daughter got married in June and my son is getting married in 2 weeks.
If I were to talk to them about marriage (which I have a few times) I would sum it up with these two words: WONDERFUL AND COMPLICATED.

'Course some folks would just emphasize the last word... but I would emphasize both words.

I got married when I was twenty-six.
I had been living as a single adult and enjoyed the freedom in that. Soooo, the first year of marriage was, frankly, complicated for me. I was used to my own space, my own free time, and my own checking account.

And then, I had to share EVERYTHING..... AND COOK EVERY MEAL.

It was an adjustment.

Frankly, a major adjustment. (More than I had thought, frankly.)

But it was wonderful.

So I would say to newly-weds: appreciate the wonderfulness of being newly-married.
But acknowledge the complicated part...
... but don't let that frustrate you too much. That is normal.

Let yourself enjoy being together.

And when you've been married 32 plus years remember that.

(Oh, and don't expect perfection... from your spouse..... and from yourself.)

Life is good.

(P.S. My mom is doing better. Thank you for your prayers.)


Anonymous said...

That is great ... about your mom... and those words 'wonderful and complicated'. I wish I'd known about those words when I got married.
- JW

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty wonderful and complicated. It has gotten more complicated with a cat and a dog--I can't imagine children! But God will give us strength for those days.

In some ways it is less complicated--we now only need to buy one set of groceries (instead of two of everything like when we were dating), it doesn't matter who pays for the meal because it all come from the same place, and no one has to drive anybody home at the end of the night. Those things are nice.

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