Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You know what October is...

I noticed that lots of the players in the Dallas Cowboy game Sunday were wearing pink in honor of it.

Well, my cousin is doing more than just wearing pink!

She's been in training for the 2010 Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day for the Cure! It's November 4-6. They walk 60 miles in 3 days and camp in pink tents. My goodness. Can you imagine that?

Oh, and she's going to be wearing a picture of my twin sister, Peggy, who died of breast cancer in 1989 at the age of 37.
Here's a picture of Peggy with her children, Cap and Elizabeth...
(Don't know what they were doing with their fingers up. Hmm.)
(Peggy was wearing that cannula because the cancer had gone into her lungs.)
Here's a picture of Cap last summer.... with me and his wife, Lindsey...
And here's a kind-of recent picture of Elizabeth and her husband John, with Caroline and Andrew...
Peggy would be so proud of them all.

And here's a picture of Cousin Carol with her 'Scrappin' Sisters' - who are also training (and they work on scrapbooks together). Carol is the second from the right...

Here's another picture of her...Carol's the one on the right.

Here she is with her husband Dale...And here they are with their two boys, Eric and Ethan...Eric is actually on the right.

Anyway, I'm so proud of Carol.
Ah, but she's not the only one I know doing that 60 mile 3 day walk.
Here's my college friend Rita (with her husband). On Facebook I've found that she is in training also!!!

They're good women they are!!!

Maybe I ought to think about it for next year.


I better get started training!!

In closing I want to share a picture of some Breast Cancer Awareness cupcakes Allison gave me...
(Allison has worked for a bit at SPRINKLES in Dallas.)
And here's her accompanying note...
Allison has given me many things through the years in October ... to commemorate my twin's cancer. That is so dear.
Just so you now who she is here is a picture of her, as maid of honor in my daughter Laura's wedding...She's getting ready to move to D.C. for an important job.
Love you, Allison!!

And love you, Carol!!

And love you, Rita!!

Thanks for all you're doing for Breast Cancer Awareness!!
(I hope it was okay that I got some of these pictures off of Facebook.)


Elizabeth H. said...

Love this post - I love that Carol is walking in memory of my mom (and it reminds me that I still need to donate!!). What a blessing!

I have wanted to do that race for a while, would you want to do it together?

(And we are putting our fingers up because it was one of our birthday parties - I can't remember if it was mine or Cap's - I think Cap's 8th birthday at McDonald's, so we were showing our ages.)

Nancy said...

Wow, Elizabeth. Maybe we could do it next year together!! Man, I'd have to train all year. (Which would be VERY GOOD for me.)

(Oh, and that makes sense about your fingers!)

Being Beth said...
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Being Beth said...

Trying again - had a BIG typo. What a touching post! Beautiful.

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