Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here's Terri and Tammy...

(This picture was taken last year.)

Terri (on the left) is the lady who (along with her husband, Don (but mainly her)) put up the Christmas village in the Simpliteas Tea Room - which is inside the Lone Star Antique Mall.

Tammy is the lady (on the right) who has been a WONDERFUL server in the tea room - and who is leaving us December 15.

I can hardly believe it.

She is so precious. One of the best ladies - best people - you (I) will ever EVER EVER meet.

She's going to be working full time with her dear husband, Roy, who has let her help the tea room out for all these years.

Geez. I guess he can have her. (I was going to say 'over my dead body' - but I'm not ready to go yet.)

Talk about a PRECIOUS CHRISTIAN LADY. OH MY. I'm so glad I've gotten to know her.
Thank you, Lord.

On a different note, I was with these folks and their mother much of today...The baby (Anna) is celebrating her 3rd week birthday today!!

I'm tempted to ask for suggestions on a caption on that picture.

Study it. You might come up with something. (Well, at least what Andrew might be saying/thinking.)
Different note: Check out my new poll.

Mike Huckabee won the last one. Michelle Obama came in second.
I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised that I voted for Huckabee.... but I DO like Mrs. Obama!


Myra J said...

Andrew: "She's touching me...right there!" (his left hand is pointing)

Nancy said...

Ha! That's good, Myra!!

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