Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am not ready....

... to see Christmas lights at night.
But they're out there.
I've seen them, whether I was ready or not.

Christmas just gets here faster every year.

Ah, but I am ready with one part of it.

Thanks to my daughter I found out how to make a Christmas card to share...

Here's hers...
That's Scobi, Akon, Laura and Ryan.

Now here's mine...

Notice how few are in it?

This is our first empty-nest Christmas.

I never appreciated Shiloh so much.

Notice the new poll (upper right). (It has (almost) nothing to do with Christmas.)
[P.S. You can go HERE to make your own Christmas card.]
In closing, let me say that I was going to post the most darling picture of little Caroline holding her baby sister Anna. Somehow it didn't post. Somehow I lost it in my iPhotos.

I guess all this computer stuff- and the internet - and everything- is. not. perfect.

Ah, but have a good day anyway..... BECAUSE IT IS GOOD!!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I can't vote in your poll. I picked football, because I don't like pumpkin pie. Now apple pie? Or blueberry pie? Yes please!

Your Christmas card made me sad. It shouldn't, but it did!

Anonymous said...

Haha, love your card! I like how you and Daddy are twins.


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