Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love a rainy day...

... now that the outdoor wedding is over!

Yesterday I had a 'nothin' doin' day'. Mmm. It was sweet. I watched 3 episodes of the new FAMILY FEUD with Steve Harvey. (I recorded them.)

He is absolutely hilarious.

And I watched some recorded episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS reruns...

And I blogged... and read some.

And I wrote in my journal.

And I missed my son.

He was living with us for a while - to save money ...

- and now he's married and gone.

Oh, and his sweet bride (when she was his fiancee) would come over all the time. I miss her, too!

Sam and I really are empty nesters this time.

Feels strange.

I'll leave you (and me) with two pictures I love.
(I photographed them from photographs so they're not super.... but they're super to me.)
Thanks for letting me reminisce.
In closing, did you notice the little blonde-haired boy in the picture of bride-Bailey in the previous post (just below this one)? His reflection is in the mirror- you have to look closely.

That's Mac.

I'm thinking he might be in lots more wedding pictures. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Nancy. I have felt your pain/joy/pain/joy, but this will be a WONDERFUL time for you and Sam. I just know it.
Susan Prather (can't seem to sign in to my google acct.)

Beth said...

Those photos of you holding Will and the family by the plane with Wills hand on Sam's shoulder and Laura all cuddled up on you -- they brought tears to my eyes.

Your house must be VERY quiet this week, and you probably need it to be.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed Max! So funny

And yeah, so good that the fall weather waited until AFTER the wedding was over to be fully unleashed. Loving it now. It does make one want to curl oneself up with a good TV show. I watched a lot of 24 yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i mean MAC not Max

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