Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I will not feel guilty...

... for being part of a Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

Years ago (1981) Sam and I were in missionary language school in south Brazil. The school hosted a Thanksgiving meal in which we all brought food. It was so fun. Many of us had homesickness, particularly around holidays, so that was super special.

Then we heard that there was a group of folks back in the States that didn't like that we were feasting, and taking the day off as a holiday. Brazil didn't celebrate Thanksgiving in November, so we shouldn't either.

Needless to say, that message made us sick.

No, we decided. It was NOT futile. It was not for nothing that we celebrated our homeland's holiday. It was a morale booster ... and it was NEEDED.

So the next year... and the next... we celebrated Thanksgiving... and Christmas... and birthdays, etc.... with ZEAL.

Let's ALL celebrate.

It's OKAY!!!



Oh, here's another 'silly'...


Audrey said...

I agree! Even inside our prisons Thanksgiving is a day of celebration and feast. Everybody circles up, holds hands and prays together. Then each person in the circle tells the group what they are thankful for. The list is mighty and full of tears and happiness. This is not a tradition encouraged by the guards, they stand back and on occasion you will even see them nod their heads or have a tear slip down their cheek. Given the circumstannces one may see this group of women as the most unlikely to have anything to be thankful for, but OH!, the list is endless and makes one proud to be a human being in faith and hope.

So, no matter what the feast looks like and no matter the circumstances there is always room for celebration and thanks...with plenty of ZEAL!! Thank you for your post Nancy...and for reminding us of our choices.

Anonymous said...

That's silly that they wouldn't like that! I think it's great you guys celebrated it. One of my favorite memories in Florence was our Thanksgiving. We made a huge feast, and even upset our cranky downstairs neighbor with the noise. She came up to complain but as soon as we opened the door she could smell the food and changed her attitude. We got to explain a little about our holiday (very little, because she didn't speak english).

Anywho, it was fun.

Looking forward to later today!

And I like that picture at cups and crepes on the side

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