Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting with the yum....

I am currently using a background of a hamburger (because of my current - almost over - poll).

That makes me think of my favorite place to get a good, juicy, old-fashioned hamburger: KINCAID'S.

The one we go to is in Southlake, at the corner of 1709 and Kimball.
Oh my.
('Course then I can't forget my Lipitor.)

On a COMPLETELY different note, today is my dear sister-in-law's birthday!

You know how you have people you admire in your life?
Wonderful people....
People that inspire you...
And whose advice you seek, and always trust?

Well, that's Pat, Sam's older sister.

Here she is with her little grandson, Finn...Happy Birthday, Pat.

Oh, let me show you a picture of all of her grandchildren....(from left, Lewis, Molly, Eloise, Charlotte, and Finn)
That picture was taken by Pat's daughter, Marian, who has a wonderful photography business in the Austin area.

In other news, my cousin Carol completed the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas this weekend. About 2800 people walked 60 miles in 3 days, and camped in pink tents. Congratulations, Carol!(Carol is the pretty one on the far left.)
(And Congratulations, Rita! (my college friend who also participated!))

Finally, this beautiful family is getting ready to add another addition!...That's Elizabeth (my late twin's daughter) and her husband, John, daughter, Caroline, and son, Andrew.
Elizabeth is going into the hospital TONIGHT and will have Anna Margaret tomorrow!
Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy Baby Anna!

In closing, let me say that I got most of these pictures off of Facebook.

I'm thinking that is okay.

If it is NOT.... someone LET ME KNOW!!!!

(Oh, and notice I never put addresses or detailed info about folks.)

(Well, if I do, LET ME KNOW!!!! ..... (sometimes I do things without thinking.))


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Aunt Nancy, please let me know how Elizabeth is doing as you can, either here, via FB, or email. I'll worry about her, you know? :)

I love all your pictures of the people who inspire you -- especially that woman who did the 3 day... can't even imagine! She inspires me, too!

Pat said...

Thanks, Nancy, for such a complimentary post. Will be praying for Elizabeth and the baby.

Being Beth said...

I'm SO EXCITED that Anna is going to be here today (it's early on Tuesday right now). I'll be praying.

Great photo's and such a sweet post.

Happy birthday to Pat!

Maria said...

Kincaids has the best burgers IN THE WORLD. Don't ever order their hotdogs.

Congratulations on little Anna arriving.

Marian Adrian said...

Such sweet words about my mom. I completely agree! I am sure you will post updates of Elizabeth on fb. I will be watching. Saying a prayer for her!

Marian Adrian said...

OH, and thanks for the shout out on my biz!!!


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